Imagine the most picture perfect beach times that vision by ten and you may be getting close to the amazing beaches that await you in the Fiji Islands.


A majestic archipelago of tiny islands bathing in a turquoise ocean, there is only one word to describe the beauty of Fiji with its lush green mountains, coral reefs and endless white sandy beaches and that is Paradise.

Fiji Island Hopping

Fiji snorkeling

To get the most out of your Fijian adventure, you need to do a spot of island hopping!  This fantastic trip includes three nights in a stunning resort on the coral coast, three nights on the famous Castaway Island, and then another three nights in Nadi.


A one-hour Spa treatment, a helicopter ride and a dolphin safari are all included in your trip, and we have added an extra two nights in Sydney Australia, to ensure you arrive in Fiji relaxed and ready to have fun.